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Workshop : Working with Equine Behaviour

Working with Equine Behaviour

trainer Ben Hart :

Ben Hart is an equine trainer and specialises in training horses, donkeys and mules using the science of behaviour. He has worked in America, Australia, Canada and Europe training people how to understand their equines. His work is based around an understanding of the workings of the equine mind. Ben uses the science of behaviour to enhance the communication between humans and animals. By teaching people, how to think, rather than what to think, Ben gives any owner or trainer the opportunity to develop their own abilities and to develop their own unique equine relationships

inhoud :

o  Learn how to think with the equine brain by understanding their senses

o  How you can increase trust between human and equine
o  How the correct use of reinforcement will transform your communication
o  Learn to expand comfort zones to safely change behaviour
o  How to create and use a training plan that never fails for more effective training
o  Understanding the true nature of equines
o  How to increase confidence in both equine and human
o  Understanding your behaviour to transform your potential as a trainer
o  Create your own nine step plan to success
o  Safely introducing long lines

datum : 8 juni

Tijd : 10.30 – 17.00 uur

Prijs : € 145,- (ex.21%BTW)  € 175,45 (incl.BTW)

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